Potential Member Details form


If you cannot answer "yes" to the following two questions it will not be possible fo you to attend our next selection event, therefore please do not submit this form, instead please re-register your interest at HERE to be informed of future selection events.

Will you be at least 18 years on or before 16th Ocotober 2021?:*
Can you be available for a non residential, 2 day selection event 16th and 17th October 2021. (please DO NOT cancel other plans yet, unless you receive an invitation):*
E-mail confirmation:*
Do you have access to your own transport? including short notice, 24/7 transport in the event of a callout*
The most important attribute a member of ASSAR can possess is the ability to work as part of a closely knit team. Please provide details of your experience of working as part of a team.*
Members of ASSAR undergo a rigorous training program to equip them with the skills needed to become a fully qualified operational member of ASSAR. You will be expected to be able to operate in inclement weather and often on difficult terrain. Please give details of any experience you have of any outdoor activity to include walking / mountaineering / climbing/ watersports or any other outdoor activity or occupation which you think may be relevant. *
Please give details of any other experience you feel might be relevant EG. first aid qualification, other volunteering, Etc.*
Personal statement: As concisely as possible, please explain why you are interested in joining, What is your level of availability eg are you available to train at weekends and evenings, How flexible are you at other time to attend Call-outs*
Are you a Robot?: