Being a voluntary charitable  organisation we rely completely on the good will of both those who support us financially and materially, as well as the hard work of our members. We have running costs to cover, essential equipment we need and then replacements.

there are many ways you can help to support us, some of which are below. the simplest way, however would be a direct donation which can be made via Virgin Money at the link Below


ASSAR on Virgin Money


Making it easy to donate:        Text         Recycle         Support


Just text SCEP01 and the amount you would like to give. Simple.


Use your old mobile phones and inkjet cartridges to raise money for A&SSAR.

Click the link below, fill in the details, you’ll be sent a bag to put the phone/cartridge in, send it off, A&SSAR gets a donation!




Doing a sponsored event or challenge? Why not use the Sponsorship Form to raise money for Avon & Somerset Search and Rescue?

ASSAR Sponsorship Form

The team wishes to thank everyone who has supported and continues to support us.

Fundraising Events

The A&SSAR team can provide support for charity abseils and filming.

For general enquiries, please email