Aspirant and team member

A Selection Weekend was held in March 2017, the next one hasn’t been Scheduled yet but feel free to get in touch to be notified when the next date comes up.

We rely on a wide range of skills and experience within our team. This is both during our rescues and with all the other tasks needed to maintain the team. We are always happy to consider applications for membership from all walks of life.

The team comprises of three sections:

• Search: The largest section of the team, encompassing all members and accounts for the majority of callouts.

• Cliff & Technical rescue: A smaller and specialised section of the team. Less frequent callouts. Often in a standby capacity only, often co-responding alongside of the other emergency services.

• Water: Responding to an increasing number of callouts, comprising bankside search and Swiftwater Rescue Technicians.

Those applying for membership will be required to attend a selection event over a weekend (the next is yet to be scheduled). If selected then a trainee period of typically 6 months follows when you are trained in the team’s core competencies. If you successfully complete the core competencies  period you will be invited to attend certain callouts. Following a review period of up to a year full membership may be granted. Membership of other more specialist areas of the team will be by invitation once search membership is given. During the trainee period and throughout membership, training on all aspects of the teams operation is provided.

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