Supporters of Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue:

The largest support for the members of Avon & Somerset Search & Rescue come from the partners and families of the members themselves. The family members are long suffering in the short, often zero, notice deployments of the team members as well as the vast amount of time spent training, managing and fundraising for the activities of the team. These individuals are often overlooked, but are our largest and most appreciated supporters, without the support of their loved ones very few of the volunteers would be able to continue the important work

We also receive various financial, logistical, technical or other types of support from local and national businesses and organisations from across the UK. We recognise and appreciate all support and would like to make special mention of the supporters below:

Supporters: River Dart Country Park

River Dart Country Park Kindly allowed ASSAR access to their property and access their stretch of the river waiving the charge they would normally place, this helped our charity keep the costs of a recent Flood and Swiftwater Rescue training course down, and allowed a much more accessible location than previous courses.

Supporters: Varta

Following a successful two-year partnership, Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW) has agreed a three-year extension to its sponsorship agreement with VARTA. The manufacturer of award-winning torches, portable power products and consumer batteries, will continue to supply its products to more than 3,500 MREW volunteers nationwide, as well as providing an annual cash donation and ongoing fundraising support for the 57 regional MREW teams.

Supporters: Swallet Farm Training Centre

Swallet Farm Training Centre are long standing supporters of ASSAR, frequently offering a location and venue for team training events, specialist training, as well as meeting/conference facilities for team trustees mettings and subcomittees.

Supporters: Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment provide and excellent Jacket specifically marketed to Mountain Rescue, this helps keep team members warm and comfortable whatever the weather they’re needed to deploy into

Supporters: Keela

Keela provide excellent waterproof equipment to ASSAR to help keep team members warm and dry whatever the weather they’re needed to deploy into

Supporters: TLT Solicitors Bristol

TLT Bristol Office nominated ASSAR as their chosen charity for the 2016-2017 financial year. Assar are planning to accompany them on a sponsored ascent of the welsh 3 peaks in mid 2017.

Supporters: N&P Autos

One of the largest expenses within almost any organisation is ongoing vehicle maintenance and servicing costs. N&P Autos in Priddy have donated a vast amount of labour time and effort to helping ASSAR getting, and keeping our vehicles on the road.

Supporters: Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

As a partner charity we often work alongside the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity and their staff also support us non operationally, frequently team members receive invites to their site in North Bristol, where we receive medical training, access to use a lot of their training equipment and a seemingly never ending supply of good nature and cups of tea.

Supporters: Relish Running Races

Every year, since 2012, Relish Running Races have supported ASSAR through one of their larger events; one of the more challenging in the area, The Cheddar Gorge Challenge. ASSAR are present for this race and aid the marshals while on site in case of any injury or issue. in exchange Relish Running Races offer a sizeable donation to the team each year.

Supporters: Cheddar Caves and Gorge

The Staff and Management of Cheddar Caves and Gorge, as part of the Longleat Esate  offer a never-ending support to ASSAR, whether it’s financial donation, running events in aid of ASSAR, offering full access to all their land, private or public for training whenever asked, or even offering their vehicles and staff to transport people and equipment to the top of the gorge during a callout.

ASSAR also keep team technical equipment locally in the “Cheddar Post” which is provided, free of charge by Cheddar Caves and Gorge.

Supporters: Bristol Water

Bristol Water offered ASSAR technical expertise and equipment when they helped with a project to modernise our search management practises and systems. They donated 6 Panasonic tough-book laptop computers loaded with Windows and ready to be used for our search management and mapping software in 2015

Supporters: Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley kindly Sponsor one of the team 4×4 vehicles, they provide all diesel for this vehicle, a considerable saving for ASSAR, they also offer long term secure storage for some of our spare equipment.

Supporters: John Lewis Cribbs Causeway.

in 2016 John Lewis Cribbs Causeway donated a significant amount of money towards ASSAR’s ongoing radio replacement project, this was a significant portion of the large amount of money required to replace outdated equipment which will enable team members to stay in touch and communicate more effectively.

Supporters: Bridgdale Socks

Bridgdale Socks have donated high quality socks to many Mountain Rescue teams across the Country, a search and Rescue member spends a lot of time on their feet in all weather, keeping these feet warm and comfortable through high quality socks helps considerably.

Supporters: Pearce Brothers

When ASSAR were looking for a new vehicle to become their new incident control Vehicle Pearce Brothers in Bristol recognised the requirements and the value of the very best choice of vehicle, they offered ASSAR a generous deal on the vehicle itself which greatly helped produce a top grade control vehicle by the end of the project.

Supporters: Mendip Outdoors

Staff and Management at Mendip Outdoors offer ASSAR significant support, frequently offering ASSAR land access and parking for valuable training days and Exercises. They also offer us the use of their great facilities at Mendip Snowsports Centre for various meetings and debriefs when we need a private room to do these in.

Supporters: ViewRanger

Members of ASSAR all enjoy the outdoors and spend their own time outdoors improving their personal skills and gainin experience. Viewranger offer free software and UK mapping to Search and Rescue team members for both personal and team related use

Supporters: Dick’s Climbing

Dick, through his specialist Climbing and Rope access equipment store offers ASSAR very good deals on much of our technical equipment which helps us to keep our equipment and ropes in date and helps with the considerable expense of replacing such essential items.

Supporters: The Thatchers Foundation

In 2017 the Thatchers Foundation donated a significant amount of money towards ASSAR’s ongoing radio replacement project, this was a significant portion of the large amount of money required to replace outdated equipment which will enable team members to stay in touch and communicate more effectively.

Supporters: Mapyx LTD

Mapyx Limited have invested vastly into Search and Rescue at a national level throughout the UK. they provide teams and members with Free mapping software and full UK mapping, as well as a very detailed and incredibly helpful search planning/management software package that aids planning and recording the events in a Search in a way that significantly aids ASSAR when actively deployed.