Callout Archive:

10 / 03 / 2018

12 ASC Log no. 616 The team was put on standby at 18.53 following a request from the police as they were concerned for the welfare of a vulnerable missing person in the Peasedown St. John area near Bath. The team were called out at 19.41 but then stood down at 20.48 as teams as the missing person was located in the centre of Bath.

01 / 03 / 2018

11 ASC Log no. 534 1/3 – 2/3 The police contacted ASSAR at 19.44 regarding assistance with vulnerable members of the public due to the weather conditions and to assist other emergency services with welfare checks on stranded motorists. A red weather warning had been issued foe the area. Four of ASSARs assets were deployed to a variety of incidents around our area and dealt with other incidents as they came across them. A member of ASSAR also joined the incident planning team in police HQ to help coordinate the volunteer search and rescue response. The operational response from ASSAR was stood down at 01.45 while the member remained in the planning team.

01 / 03 / 2018

10 ASC Log no. 362 ASSARs support was requested by the police regarding a suicidal male in woodland near Bath. The team was put on standby at 14.12 and called out at 14.59. The team was stood down en route at 15.20 as police had located the deceased male.

24 / 02 / 2018

09 ASC Log no. 20180224-0498 24/2 – 25/2 At 12.00 the police contacted ASSAR with growing concerns regarding a missing person, Dean Tate in Highbridge. The team was called out at 12.22. Search specialists were deployed to do water margin and land searches along with other emergency services. ASSAR was stood down overnight at 19.33 with a request to continue the next day. ASSAR recommenced the search, joined by Exmoor SRT,  focusing on different rural areas the next day at 10.00 and stood down at 17.51 pending further police information.

23 / 02 / 2018

08 ASC Log no. 493 At 15.02 ASSARs technical rescue team was called out to Avon Gorge. Team members in the vicinity arrived quickly, given the location and circumstances of the deceased person no further ASSAR resources were deemed necessary and the team stood down at 15.26 while other emergency services dealt with the incident.

20 / 02 / 2018

07 ASC Log no. 489 (non-emergency) A missing dog had been located by owners in Cheddar Gorge. Following discussions between ASSAR and the police there was concerns that people would put themselves at risk trying to access the dog’s location. A non- emergency log was provided to ASSAR to access the dog. Sadly the dog had not survived the fall but it was removed from the cliffs reunited with its owners by team members.

19 / 02 / 2018

06 ASC Log no. 699 The police contacted ASSAR at 16.27  following concerns for the safety of two people who were trying to access a dog that had been missing and now located in Cheddar Gorge. Members of the ASSAR technical rescue team helped the individuals and the missing German Shepherd Grace to safety. The team was stood down at 18.11.

03 / 02 / 2018

05 ASC Log no. 518 At 14.00 a request from the ambulance service came via the police requesting assistance with a casualty above the cliffs in Cheddar Gorge. The team was put on standby and members local to Cheddar were directly requested at 14.08. The members helped load the casualty who was then moved to a roadside site for transport to hospital. The team was stood down at 15.44

02 / 02 / 2018

04 ASC Log no. 361 At 15.14 ASSAR was contacted the police with a request to assist in an incident involving a deceased climber in the Avon Gorge. Due to the nature of the request only  a  limited response from ASSAR was required at the scene. The original standby was sent at 15.30 with the team stood down at 17.13.

30 / 01 / 2018

03 ASC log no. 118829/1 ASSAR was put on standby at 01.56 following a request from the police concerning a vulnerable missing female near Yeovil. During search planning with the police nad ASSAR incident controllers the missing person returned to a safe place and ASSAR was stood down at 02.25.

15 / 01 / 2018

02 ASC Log no. 788 ASSAR was put on standby at 20.42 to assist police searching for a missing elderly male in the Emersons Green area of Bristol.  The team were called out at 21.02. At 21.19 the team were stood down as the male had been located safe and well.

03 / 01 / 2018

01 ASC Log no. 098 ASSARs Incident Controllers were contacted by the police regarding a male entering a river east of Bath. Discussions took place but no immediate action was required pending further police investigations.

28 / 12 / 2017

26 ASC Log no. 133 ASSARs technical rope rescue team were put on standby at 15.11 and then called out at 15.16 to assist the ambulance service with a walker who had broken their ankle above Cheddar Gorge. Members worked with the other emergency services to safely move the casualty to a roadside and waiting ambulance and then were stood down at 16.34

13 / 12 / 2017

25 ASC Log no. 260 ASSAR was asked to go on standby at 11.28 by the police to help locate  a young missing male in the Pill area west of Bristol. The missing male was located shortly afterwards by HM Coastguard and the team was stood down at 11.57

15 / 11 / 2017

24 ASC Log no. 1044 ASSAR was contacted by the police concerning a cliff search in the Avon Gorge for a missing person. ASSARs Tech team was called out at 20.56 . It was decided at 21.25 that no further resources were required and the team was stood down.

13 / 11 / 2017

23 ASC Log no. 0359 The police asked for ASSAR to help in the search for a young missing female in North Bristol. ASSAR went on standby at 14.53 but was then stood down at 15.14 as she was located.

10 / 11 / 2017

22 ASC Log no. 0525 Police contacted ASSAR concerning reports of a male entering a river near Bridgwater. ASSAR went on standby at 16.07 while discussions took place with the police then was called out at 16.25 for a search using our Swiftwater Rescue Technicians and bankside search trained personnel. As team members were arriving the police located the male in another location and the team was stood down at 17.16.

03 / 11 / 2017

21 ASC Log no. 0915 ASSARs Tech rope rescue team was asked by the police to respond with other emergency services to locate a despondent male in the Avon Gorge. The team was put on standby at 20.50 then called out at 21.00. As the team leader arrived on scene a decision was made that others were not required and the team stood down at 21.16.

28 / 10 / 2017

20 ASC Log no. 508 ASSAR was put on standby at 17.45 following contact by the police with concerns for the welfare of a high risk missing person in the Snuff Mills area of Bristol. ASSAR was called out at 18.05. Search teams were being deployed into the wooded valley and parkland areas when police confirmed they had located the missing individual outside of the search area. The team was stood down at 20.16.

28 / 10 / 2017

19 ASC Log no. 0513 ASSAR was contacted by the police at 12.29 regarding walkers in a gully in the East Harptree area of the Chew Valley. The situation resolved itself while ASSAR was discussing the incident with the police and no action was required.